Monday, April 2, 2012

We Can Pickle That!

MiddleBar Pickle Of The Month
"On a hot day in Virginia, I know nothing more comforting than a fine spiced pickle..." Thomas Jefferson 

Take it from our 3rd President, whether it's cucumbers, onions, dill or kosher everyone loves a pickle. Today marks the beginning of a new monthly segment, Pickle of the Month. Each month I will showcase one new pickle recipe. Get it? Now don't worry, if you try these recipes you won't be canning. Because that's a whole process which requires directions, time, and precision. These are "quickles."  All you'll need is some vinegar, a few spices, a jar, and a refrigerator.

This month, we're trying Juniper pickled onions because one of my favorite pickled items is the cocktail onion. As a kid my cousins and I would rush to Ma's fridge during lunch time to grab the jars of pickles, olives, and onions. It was a staple with our sandwiches to have these little tangy delights. The cocktail onion was especially a treat because it was far less common than a pickle or an olive and packed a unique puckering punch.

Juniper Pickled Onions
The cocktail onion is the  famous garnish for a gin Gibson. A Gibson is nothing more than a Martini and the garnish (olive or onion) is the only is the only thing that separates the two. With that in mind, this onion recipe utilizing juniper is tailor made for the perfect gin Gibson.


The bittersweet juniper with sweet smell of rosebuds is an unbelievable combination. When I first came up with this recipe I wasn't quite sure how it would actually turn out but the flavors are amazing. This recipe can be done with small pearl onions rather than the rustic slices. (Pearl onions will take much longer to brine.) Plus, these onions are so good you want your guests to know that you made them!

Pickle Ya'll!

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