Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick Fix: The Ginger Caipirinha

Ginger Caipirinha
Summer is already here in Southern California (it's pretty much always summer but you get the idea). And it's time to break out the tanks and flip flops which means it's also time for the summertime beverages. This summer MiddleBar is headed to South America and offering you some cocktails from below the equator.

Our first stop is in Brazil for their national cocktail the Caipirinha. Brazil's most common distilled beverage is Cachaca, a sugarcane based distillate like it's cousin rum. Cachaca is pretty easy to find in any Bevmo and some grocery stores will even carry a brand called Leblon (see below).

The Caipirinha is basically a cross between the margarita and a mojito so it makes a perfect summer beverage. Having a summer party and looking for something a little exotic? This is definitely the drink to try.

2 oz Brazilian cachaca
1 lime (quartered)
4 slivers of fresh ginger
3/4 oz demerara syrup (or 2 tsp sugar in the raw)

In a mixing glass strongly muddle the limes, ginger and sugar until the limes have fully imparted all of their juice. Add cachaca and ice and give the drink a little shake. Pour the whole thing (limes and all) into a rocks glass and garnish with a piece of candied ginger.

Welcome to Summer Ya'll
Look for this bottle :)

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