Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mexican Fiesta Part 1- Aunt Sis's Salsa

A very famous MiddleBar recipe is Aunt Sis’s Salsa. I still credit my Aunt Sandy for this recipe although it’s gone through countless changes since the 1980s.  As a child my cousins and I would spend summer Saturdays swimming in the pool at Aunt Sissy and Aunt Debby’s house.  Part of the awesomeness other than countless hours of Marco Polo was cold Coca Cola out of the classic red retro fridge and snacking on yummy tart salsa. 

The recipe consisted of Rotel canned tomatoes, cilantro, lime and salt.  Even though the tomatoes were canned, the salsa was much better than anything that the stores at that time were carrying.  Since then the salsa recipe has changed dramatically especially after  making it's way to California where it acquired a kick and lost the can.  

This salsa doesn’t have that thick tomato sauce quality, which is the reason that most people like it. It’s tangy, salty, dare I say soupy, and it’s definitely drinkable. (Bloody Mary shooters have been made using the strained juice of the salsa at MiddleBar but that’s for another post) The key to this salsa is the freshness of your ingredients and all the proportions should be adjusted accordingly due to sweetness and tartness of your seasonal produce.  I these days will not even make this salsa when tomatoes are not in season, plus salsa just tastes better with that summertime margarita next to the pool. 

I’ve debated actually posting the recipe here on the Internet because I’m afraid to give the secret away but since the proportions of this recipe are estimations, I know mine will still reign supreme ;)



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