Monday, April 23, 2012

The Reinheitsgebot Anniversary: Top 5 Brews

Reinheitsgebot. (God bless you)

Beer enthusiasts love to throw this fancy term Reinheitsgebot around like it's their secret code. As an average beer drinker I did some studying and now I can impress my beer snobby friends, and so can you. Reinheitsgebot (rine-HITES-ga-bote) or the "German Purity Law" was passed by the Bavarian Prince William IV on April 23, 1516. This interesting law officially limited beer brewed in Bavaria to 3 ingredients, water, hops and barley (yeast had yet to be discovered).  This brewing rule protected beer consumers from ingesting adverse ingredients like soot, mushrooms and animal parts (ewww). It also reserved grains such as rye and wheat for bread making.

Reinheitsgebot was a necessity for the Bavarian drinkers 496 years ago and even though no one is using dangerous adjuncts in their brews today, many breweries still offer a pure German style beverage.  Save your Belgians, fruit, wheat, and corn brews for tomorrow and here on April 23rd, imbibe one of the following that still follow the letter of the Reinheitsgebot law.

1.) Sierra Nevada Summerfest: 
The California brewery north of wine country doesn't only carry their signature  Pale Ale. Summerfest is a great beer to try this summer.

Look: Pale yellow color with a thick white head.
Aroma: Grassy and earthy with a touch of citrus.
Flavor: Crisp and clean with Bitter hoppy taste that will get ya. It finishes dry but leaves a bready aftertaste.

2.) Samuel Adams Boston Lager:
Massachusetts born and raised, Sam Adams is known as the beer that started the American Craft Brewing revolution.

Look: Deep clear amber with a offwhite frothy head.
Aroma: Caramel, spicy and hoppy lager.
Flavor: Sweet and crisp with some bitter hopps, it tastes like Sam Adams!

3.) Deschutes Twilight Ale:
Bend, Oregon's beautiful brewery on the banks of the Deschutes river.
"We exist to profitably deliver the finest beers in the world and cultivate extraordinary experiences" -Deschutes

Look: Honey yellow orange amber color, slightly hazy.
Aroma: Mild citrus with a hint of caramel.
Flavor:Orange and lemon flavors and super easy drinking, perfect for warm evenings.

4.) Abita Turbodog:
MiddleBar's favorite Louisiana brewery salutes the Reinheitsgebot with this dark brown ale.

Look: Dark brown with a beige head.
Aroma: Chocolate, roasted malts and coffee with the faint smell of hops.
Flavor: Sweet chocolate toffee perfect for cooling down your mouth after spicy foods.

5.) Gordon Biersch Dunkelweizen:
All of Gordon Biersch's brews are German Pure. And nothing goes better with those garlic french fries.

Look: Deep amber a bit cloudy with an off white head.
Aroma: Caramel, clove, yeast and even a hint of fruit.
Flavor: Strong yeast, roasted malt and a bit of banana. The sweetness creates a nice aftertaste.

What is your favorite Reinheitsgebot brew?
Let me know Ya'll!

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