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PITCHER: 1 cup fresh lemon juice
                   1 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
                   1 cup fresh cutie/mandarin/tangerine/orange
                   2 cups AZTEC GOLD
                   1 1/2 cup Tequila/Mezcal

Stir in all the ingredients into a large pitcher. Pour over ice.
(or shake and strain it, if that's yo thang)
Garnish with a thin slice of fresh jalepeno, and lime.
BARKEEP'S TIP: sprinkle a little (ancho) chili powder over the lime and jalepeno, like the guys do it at the fruit carts on the corner.

We LOVE a good margarita!!
Who doesn't?!
But honestly, I'm pretty sure I know by now what a good margarita tastes like.  Let's just say, I've done my research ;)
What's a little sexier to us, is a delicious and interesting margarita.
We've done some good ones: strawberry basil, pomegranite rose, mango key lime & mint.... And we've LOVED some of the ones we've tried around town.  (That list is soon to come)
But the one that really struck us, the one that was so unique, and so friggin good that we decided to botttle it, is our 5 CHILI MARGARITA.  Technically, what we decided to bottle was our 3 CHILI LIME SYRUP aka AZTEC GOLD!!
There is nothing like this out there. And we came upon it so by accident! A couple years ago, we were messing around with chilies.  We figured, we live in this beautiful metropolis bustling with Mexican Chilies, why not get an education.  So we'd go downtown to Valeria's @ GRAND CENTRAL MARKET and learn about chilies.  Luckily Corrie is a savant chef, and off we went into Mexican heaven.  One of our favorite and EASY meals to make is MEXICAN FIESTA, which "coincidentally" pairs well with margarita "research." The research was conclusive: these chilies truly are Aztec gold!! See what you think of our 5 CHILI MARGARITA and MEXICAN FIESTA, and let us know!

If you're just making a single margarita (sad face),  just substitute OZ for CUPS:
1 oz lemon
1 1/4 oz lime
1 oz cutie
1 1/2- 2 oz AZTEC GOLD
1 1/2 oz Tequila/Mezcal

BARKEEP'S TIP: make a batch of the scratch base (lemon, lime, cutie)
That way, you can make each drink separately.

SPICY MARG:  3 oz citrus blend
                            1 1/2 oz AZTEC GOLD
                            1 1/2 oz Tequila/Mezcal

REG. MARG:  3oz citrus blend
                          1 1/2 oz Tequila/Mezcal
                          1/2 oz Triple Sec

Note: We don't put Triple Sec in our 5 CHILI MARGARITA. We've found it takes away from the FARM FRESH FEEL we require.  But others might like it that way. Let us know what you find!


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