Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Fix: Tarragon Sour

The Tarragon Sour
I've been experimenting with more and more herbs in my cocktails for the last few months and my newest favorite is the Tarragon Sour.  Tarragon is one of the four French "fines herbes" (along with parsley, chervil, and chive) with a gentle anise flavor. This unobtrusive flavor is perfect for a simple classic cocktail. Lemon and tarragon pair quite well together as evidenced by the use of both ingredients in many dishes both French and otherwise.  Lemon and tarragon are perfect flavors for roast chicken, salmon, and now, bourbon.

2 oz bourbon
1 oz (1 lemon)
1/2 oz Demerara Simple Syrup*
2 sprigs tarragon

Delicately muddle the tarragon sprigs and demerara syrup. Add bourbon, ice and shake well. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass garnish with a lemon twist and a fresh tarragon sprig.

*The demerara syrup adds a supple mouthfeel and added sweetness to this cocktail. If you don't have demerara, regular simple syrup works just as well.

Cheers Ya'll!

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