Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick Fix: Curry Cinnamon Rice Crispette

I must admit that here at MiddleBar we are huge chopped fans. The concept of choosing random ingredients and cooking them in unique and interesting ways thoroughly appeals to the style of the MiddleBar kitchen. Todays dessert came straight from the pantry made with the ingredients we had on hand. Think of it as a grown up rice krispie treat!

10 large marshmallows
1 tbs margarine
3 rice cakes
3 pinches cinnamon
3 pinches curry

Melt marshmallows and margarine in a microwave safe bowl for about 30 seconds until marshmallows plump up and stir. Break up rice cakes into mini rice pieces on a small sheet pan, cover with marshmallow butter mix, sprinkle with cinnamon and curry then stir well to combine. Press into a small sheet pan and freeze for 10 minutes. Remove from freezer spray PAM butter spray onto clean hands and form balls of marshmallow crisp. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

These are so good Ya'll! Try them or you will be chopped.

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