Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quick Fix: Bacon & Eggs

Bacon & Eggs Cocktail
Yesterday's post covered the use of raw eggs in cocktails and since you're no longer afraid you should try this!  I don't usually recommend whiskey for breakfast but breakfast for whiskey is fantastic.

2oz MiddleBar House Bacon Bourbon
1/4oz good maple syrup (spring for the expensive kind, sorry Aunt Jemima)
3 dashes of orange bitters
1 small egg yolk

Dry shake (if you read yesterdays post you know what this means) your bourbon, syrup and bitters. Once the ingredients are fully enmeshed, add the ice and shake well again*. Strain and serve up in a chilled cocktail glass with a slice of Bacon brushed with maple syrup.

*Due to the grease of the bacon and lack of acid in this cocktail egg whites will not froth in the same way as in a sour so don't dunk your bacon in the drink. 

MiddleBar House Bacon Bourbon is a great holiday treat, check out our blog post Drunken Pigs for more information on creating your own house blend.

Good Mornin' Ya'll!

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