Friday, February 8, 2013

Meet MiddleBar Mary!

MiddleBar is out of control these days!  We just launched our new product line and we've been getting rave reviews and wonderful feedback!!  Big thank yous to everyone who has been a taste tester, a supporter, and rad purchaser of our new items.  Our MiddleBar Marys were featured throughout the Los Angeles area this Superbowl Sunday, and the feedback was... impressive.  Here's what our fans are saying:

"WTF!!!! The best bloodys I have ever had! I need that in my life!"
                                      Stacey King

"OMG! That's like offering crack to  people...The best frakkin Bloody EVER!!!"
                                   Raquel Hollier

"SO GOOD!  So full of flavor, with a light refreshing body.  Impossible to resist a second glass."
                                 Sarah Tapscott

"In all seriousness--that was without question the best Bloody Mary Bar I have ever witnessed!"
                            Teri Pensky Hlubik

 In addition to our Mary Mix, we also offer the Bloody Mary Kit featuring our superb pickle collection.  Including the soon to be famous Lagniappe Beans, Sweet Beans, Pickled Onions & Garlic with a cayenne kick.  They're guaranteed to make your eyes water, but ya just won't stop coming back for more.

"There's an onion in there that is just outstanding."
                                  Steve Bell

Pickled Celery is a new and unique addition to the MiddleBar line.  We figure, ya gotta have celery in that Bloody Mary, so why not pickle it?   As they say in Portlandia, "we can pickle that!"  And of course, you can't forget the classic MiddleBar Dills.  Just Dill-licious.
If you want to get some for your own, all you have to do is email!
MiddleBar Marys are available in 3 different sizes: Liter, 1/2 Gallon Growler, & 1 Gallon Growler.
No matter how big or small your next brunch, we're ready to furnish you with all the fixins for a brilliant Bloody Mary Bar.

Stay tuned for more products which will be ready in time for next season's football parties:  Pickled Beets, Couture Cocktail Onions, Okra & more!

                                 "Stop.  These bloody marys are too good. 
                                  They're hurting my feelings."

Wanna order, drop me a line.

Thanks Y'all!!!

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