Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MiddleBar's Bloody Mary

The bloody mary is definitely MiddleBar's most famous cocktail recipe.  THE staple of Saint's Sunday football where cocktails start flowing at kickoff.  My bloody mary is made to order (but I'm gonna bottle it eventually!!) with Louisiana heart and soul.  I must give credit to Joe Trippi a longtime bartender at Fat Harry's Bar & Restaurant in New Orleans since he taught me the "secret" ingredient of an amazingly delicious Bloody Mary. As the drink moved to Los Angeles, I found my own secret ingredients.

Pint Glass or Pat O'Brien's Hurricane glass with ice
(During football season the MiddleBar Mary is served in a plain pint glass due to breakage during exciting plays and the jumping around that takes place when the Saints are winning.  When the bar is more mellow the Pat O's glass is a nice touch.  But don't waste your time if the hurricane glass isn't from Pat O's it's just not the same.)

Is now available for purchase. Contact me at middlebar.com for more information

The Garnish:
(I use a metal skewer mainly for space saving and I love to use a bunch of garnishes because they always get a fun reaction from your guests!)
Some of my favorite pickled items include, MiddleBar's Original Cryin' Cayenne Beans, hot pickled okra, peperoncini, sweet peppers, pickles etc.  Everything and anything is a great garnish for your mary but please, please no shrimp...ever.  

Football season is almost upon us and we Angelenos gotta get up real early for our teams. Try the MiddleBar Bloody Mary relax and enjoy your mornin' game. 

Cheers Ya'll!